I have created Macabrofilms back in 2004 out of love and passion for Horror and the Macabre, but not only that. For me MACABRE is one of the most complicated words in the universe and together with DEOS ( awe, fear) are the two words that can describe my works accurately.


Exactly like in Ancient Greek Tragedies, the root of Theater and Cinema, DRAMA was so over the top and so cruel, so unbearable but very educative and meaningful.   I have nothing against Supernatural Horror, but personally I can only write stories and direct movies that actually make sense and are logical and realistic. Sometimes they are so extreme, that the journey feels almost supernatural, very creepy, but in the end, there is always an explanation about the unknown factor and the gruesomeness of the situation.


HORROR deserves to be clever and needs to find new ways to communicate with the reader and the viewer.

Filip Halo



Back in 2008 we have reached 300.000 visitors, then we have removed a lot of material from the website, but still, we have always received visitors. There was a period, where Macabrofilms was inactive or only provided the basic information about our movies, but now we are back for good with tons of pictures and videos and we will keep updating everything constantly. We hope that the number will go way up, for now WE THANK YOU 1 Million visitors for visiting us and experiencing our work!



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