VAGINA (2007)

Short movie 30 Min. - Extreme Comedy - Horror - Bizarre - Cannibalistic


Lavrentios Papakalergis (Panagiotis Xanthopoulos) is a very interesting young artist, who tries to find jobs as an actor in Theatre and in movies. He goes to auditions with a monologue he has written himself, titled "PUSSY", a very serious piece about the existence of humans and the meaning of life. It is his field of expertise after all, as he constantly thinks about Vaginas, and has also a great reputation on how he uses his tongue and mouth on them.


He gives guitar lessons to girls for a living, but almost every time he ends up giving them oral satisfaction, probably the main reason why they visit him, cause none of them looks interested in learning music. His final move that provides a strong orgasm to them, is biting and eating their pussies - eating as in REAL EATING / CONSUMING - that adds to the experience.


Experiences and the constant exercise turn his small monologue into a masterpiece, that sounds better and better each and every time. He slowly becomes a great actor!



THE MAIN REASON THAT I CREATED THIS MOVIE together with Panagiotis Xanthopoulos, apart from the brilliant monologue and how funny it is, was to make a short movie that can follow all the steps of SHORT FILM MAKING, and to send it to various film festivals. The movie is shot exactly like many short movies are, with pretentious deep meanings, poetry, long stupid shots with no cuts, jump cuts and changes in the script with no apparent reason, and exactly like many short movies, it doesn't really make much sense. BUT, THE REAL DEAL IS THE CONTENT OF THE MONOLOGUE AND THE TITLE! Yes, the movie was shown in various film festivals with great success, and yes, on every brochure and official festival catalogue and website, you could read something like Filip Chalatsis' VAGINA. The movie can probably hold the record for most PUSSY words in a single movie and will probably make you laugh out loud at some point without even realizing why. It works like a psychological subliminal error, that can trigger a reaction in the brain, simply because it is probably the most awkward and bizarre little movie you could ever find.

Directed by:

Filip Halo


Produced by:

Filip Halo


Written by:

Filip Halo



Panagiotis Xanthopoulos

Filip Chalatsis

Haritomeni Gourasa

Elisabeth Boutraki

Jimmy Citro

The Marriage Stills


A man who died watching a comedy show called The Goodies reportedly died laughing, but he was suffering from a severe, hereditary heart condition. No one who has "laughed themselves to death" has been in good health, so it doesn't appear that laughter alone can kill anyone.

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